Economic Development

Medina EC's commitment to the community and economic development has continued to strengthen over the years. By working closely with local chambers of commerce and other organizations, we become more in tune with the unique needs of our customers. This involvement helps us discover innovative ways we can assist in meeting those needs.

We view this corporate stewardship as an opportunity and a privilege to make a positive impact on the communities where our members' businesses thrive and families are nurtured. It's what we consider a partnership with the businesses and communities we serve.

Ways we make a positive impact on our communities:

  • Support of Local Chambers of Commerce
  • Expansion of existing industry
  • Development of industrial site resources
  • Development of electrical and telecommunications infrastructure

Contact us at 1-866-MEC-ELEC (632-3532) and ask to speak to one of our business development specialists for more information. You can also email us at for more information.

Other Texas Rural Economic Development Links:
        Co-op Connections - Local businesses can also opt to become part of the Co-op Connections Card program, a discount program for Medina EC members and cooperative members across the country. Participating in the program can help drive customers to your business. Businesses who choose to participate can offer any discount they choose and get advertising in our Texas Co-op Power magazine, on our website, on social media sites and other resources. If you are interested in your business becoming a member, fill out this business contract or call 1-866-MEC-ELEC (632-3532) for more information.