Medina EC has a number of free Safety Programs for all ages offered to the community to promote safety and knowledge throughout the areas we serve. These programs can be scheduled through your local Medina EC district office.  Please keep in mind scheduling depends on the cooperatives service needs, so make sure to contact your local district office to arrange these programs with as much advance notice as possible.

We can conduct several of these programs in conjunction with community-sponsored events and the program can be done multiple times in a day if there is a need, for example an all-day school safety fair. Please contact a Medina EC district office for more details on these community initiatives. 

Medina EC's free Safety programs include: 

Safe Farm

Program Participant Recommendation: Under 12 years old
Approximate Program Length: 30-45 minutes

Description: The Safe Farm demo involves a fun display of a working farm on a miniature scale. A cooperative employee talks to kids about electrical hazards on the farm and what kids should do to stay safe around electricity on the farm. This farm safety demonstration can be presented in classrooms or through various youth organizations, like 4-H meetings for example. 

Arcing Demonstration

Program Participant Recommendation: 4th grade and older
Approximate Program Length: 30-45 minutes

Description: This eye-opening program is a live action demonstration of the power of electricity through a live utility line. This demonstration shows the importance of being careful around utility poles and lines, and participants actually get to see what happens when electricity arcs, or jumps, when objects get too close to the live wires. Performed by trained linemen using proper safety gear, this demonstration shows why being safe around electricity is so important for everyone. Because of the nature of this demonstration, this program is not recommended for children younger than 4th grade.

First Responders

Program Participants: Any Community First Responders (paid or volunteer)
Approximate Program Length: 2 hours (including Arcing Demonstration)

Description: This program is designed for anyone considered an Emergency First Responder in the community. During this training, Medina EC employees discuss some of the electrical hazards First Responders might come across while performing their duties and how to safely handle those situations. Electrical issues, like downed power lines, can instantly make any emergency situation more deadly. We know the best way to keep a bad situation from getting worse is knowing how to respond, especially with something that can be as hazardous as electricity.

We recommend scheduling this training with at least 5 participants, but we can schedule multiple First Responder groups at a time if you cant make the required 5 participants.

Organizations we have served with this program include:

  • EMS
  • Local and statewide law enforcement agencies
  • TxDOT and Highway department personnel
  • Fire Departments (Volunteer and Professional)

Important note: Your organization does not have to be a member of Medina EC to participate in this program.

We understand how many First Responders may not be headquartered in our service area, but often serve our same communities. This program is open and available to all First Responders who would like to participate as a way to make the community as a whole a safer place. 


Medina EC also has video programs available for community use. HEY! What About That Electricity? teaches elementary school-age children how to safely be around electricity. Farm and Ranch Electrical Safety provides useful tips for working safely around electricity on your farm or ranch.

Medina EC tries to accommodate for the needs of our communities. If you have a program need that doesn't fit within those listed, please contact us to discuss arranging an alternative program for your organization or event. 


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