Teacher's Toolkit

Medina EC recognizes the contribution of educators in teaching our youth about the importance of energy conservation and safety around electricity.

We offer a number of different programs and resources for educators on these two topics. In addition to our Safety Programs, which can be scheduled to visit schools and classrooms, Medina EC also has several additional resources available free of charge for use in the classroom.

For more information on our programs or to order a kit, contact Michael Harkins at MichaelH@MedinaEC.org or call 1-866-MEC-ELEC (632-3532) and ask for ext. 1060.

Texas Co-op Power in the Classroom

Teachers are eligible to receive a free years subscription to the Texas Co-op Power magazine for their classroom. Each month, 25 copies of the magazine will be delivered for your use in the classroom. Sign up here for your free copies of Texas Co-op Power for your classroom.

CFL Charlie Energy Saver Kit

Available through Medina EC, your Touchstone Energy Partner, the CFL Charlie Energy Saver kit includes lessons and activities are designed to meet national learning standards.

This kit is recommended for children grades K-5. The materials in the kit are designed for kids to become Super Energy Savers at the end of the lesson! Lesson Plans covers four subjects, including activities for each subject:

Electrical Safety
Energy Efficiency
Renewable Energy

Each kit contains:

  • Lesson plans for all four subjects listed above
  • 30 take home folders featuring electrical safety tips.
  • 30 activity sheets
  • 30 checklists for students to take home for an energy evaluation with a parent
  • 30 Super Energy Saver certificates signed by CFL Charlie for children who complete the home checklist
  • 30 Light switch stickers to remember to turn the lights out!
  • 1 classroom poster featuring CFL Charlie providing electrical safety and energy efficiency tips
  • 15 Light Bulb Race Game activity sheets
  • Jump drive featuring the game Lights Out, coloring book pages, light bulb race activity sheets and more!

You can learn more about CFL Charlie and the "Super Energy Saver" program at the Touchstone Energy Kids Zone.

Get Charged! Kit

Medina EC, your Touchstone Energy Partner, and Discovery Channel School are pleased to provide you with an educational kit like no other! You and your students will Get Charged! with this comprehensive and exciting set of instructional materials supporting a key-learning standard in every middle/junior high school - electricity.

This kit is correlated to National Science Education Standards and is designed specifically for students in grades 5-9 and their teachers. It provides a real world understanding of the power and purpose of electricity and includes information about the important role electric cooperatives played in lighting up rural America. There is a comprehensive teachers guide along with suggestions on easy integration into your existing curriculum.

Each Get Charged! kit contains the following curriculum materials to help make learning about electricity fun and relevant:

  • Poster for classroom use
  • Two Videos: Understanding: Electricity and Touchstone Energy's Our Story
  • Interactive CD-ROM
  • Lesson Plan: Get Power - The Cooperative Way
  • 10 Student Activity Books
  • Teachers A-Z Resource Book

Check out these other fun, educational links for students and teachers:

Touchstone Energy Kids Zone
National Geographic (travel and learn about the world)
Animated Atlas (learn about the founding of the U.S. and its history through today)
Theater of Electricity (want to learn more about lightning? or static electricity?)
The Smithsonian (lots of good stuff, just like you'd expect)
This Day in History (what happened today, or any other day -- great for birthdays!)