Member Involvement

Member Advisory Group

The Member Advisory Group was established by the Medina EC Board of Directors to improve communication between the members, the Board and Medina EC management by obtaining valuable member input regarding the cooperative’s ability to serve the needs of the membership in the most effective manner.

The group is made up of cooperative members who are interested in learning more about current issues involving Medina EC. The group consists of nine units (husband/wife teams may serve as one unit) from each voting district. Meetings are held in each voting district in the months of March, June and October.

Scholarship Committee

Each year the Medina EC Board of Directors determines the total value amount and quantity of scholarships to be offered to graduating high school seniors and adults pursuing higher education goals. Scholarships are funded through escheated funds returned to the cooperative.

This committee is responsible for reviewing applications and selecting scholarship recipients. Each voting district has a Scholarship Committee made up of five cooperative members. Each committee member serves one consecutive three-year term. Members are selected by the Board of Directors.

Operation Round Up® Trust Committee

The primary objective of this committee is to distribute funds for charitable purposes in the service area of Medina EC. Funds for this program are accumulated through voluntary donations by members who have agreed to join Operation Round Up®. Another objective of the committee is to actively promote member involvement in the program and to identify charitable causes in need of support.

Members of the Trust Committee are selected by the Board of Directors. The committee meets quarterly via video-conference at the Medina EC district offices in March, June, September and December. The committee consists of three members from each voting district and serve one consecutive three-year term. Thereafter, members may be reappointed to the committee upon approval of the Board of Directors.