Load Management Program

Approximately 90% of the irrigation members participate in the load management program. This program is designed and closely controlled by senior management to reduce the peak usage when power is the most expensive. A portion of these savings are passed on to irrigation members who are enrolled prior to April 1, by reducing the horsepower cost by $1.00/hp per month.

Facts about Load Management

  • Program is only available for meters serving irrigation pumps.
  • Member must sign a contract to get reduced horsepower cost from $2.35/hp to $1.35/hp.
  • Member must sign and deliver agreement to any Medina EC district office on or before April 1. If a member terminates the agreement, the reduction of $1.00/hp/month must be paid back to Medina EC.
  • System peak is directly related to the temperature and weather patterns, which vary year to year. Typically, load management starts on the first business day of June and ends on the last business day of September.
  • Members are controlled not more than three hours at a time and not more than once per calendar day.
  • You can call 830-741-7390 for the most current load management information.

Members interested in signing up for load management can request an agreement at any district office or call 1-866-MEC-ELEC (632-3532).

Load Management Logs