Rates & Fees


Cotton Gin
General Service
General Service (Primary Metered)
Irrigation Service
Irrigation Service Billed Demand
Laredo Street Lighting
Large Commercial
Mercury Vapor Lighting
New Industrial Rate
Pump Jack
Seasonal Rate
Small Commercial Rate
Street Lighting

Interest Rates

Customer Deposits 0.34%  
Overbilling/Underbillings 0.61%  
Delinquent Fee 5%  


Power Cost Recovery Factor (PCRF) $ 0.005

Current Rate for February
Previous PCRF Rates

Meter Test $ 75 Per test
Return Check Fee $ 35 Per item
Trip Charge $ 125 During business hours (8 am to 4 pm, excluding holidays)
  $ 175 After business hours
Engineering Fee $ 100 Per meter
Meter Tampering $ 500 Per occurrence
Processing Fee $ 25 From one to five accounts
  $ 5 Per account after five
Boundary Amendment Fee $ 1,000 Per request
Remote Collection Fee $ 40 Per meter
Real Estate Show Fee $ 50 Per day (4-day maximum)
Easement Release Fee $300 Per easement

Fees may be billed to existing customers.
Fees are subject to State and Local taxes, where applicable.