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Petition Process

Members who are unable to attend the District Nominating Meeting for their voting district but are interested in running for the board must use the petition process, as outlined in Article IV, Section 5, of the Bylaws, to get on the ballot. You can view a complete copy of the Bylaws here.

All required paperwork must be submitted and received at our offices by: 

Voting District 3: April 4th - District 3 Petition Paperwork

Voting District 2: April 7th - District 2 Petition Paperwork

Voting District 1: April 7th - District 1 Petition Paperwork

The complete documents should be mailed to: Medina Electric Cooperative, Inc., Attn: Secretary, Board of Directors, PO Box 370, Hondo, Texas, 78861

Nominee Registration

For members who were nominated at their voting district, and have received a letter confirming their nomination, and need to fill out paperwork online, please click here.

District Nominating Meetings

District Nominating Meetings were held:

Voting District 1 - February 20, 6 p.m. - Devine Community Center, 200 East Hondo Ave, Devine

Voting District 2 - February 19, 6 p.m. - Pearsall Public Library, 200 East Trinity Street, Pearsall

Voting District 3 - February 18, 6 p.m. - Fort Ringgold, Multi-purpose Center, 1st South Fort Ringgold, Rio Grande City 

Members who attended the District Nominating Meeting for their voting district were entered for the chance to win a 32" flat screen television.

At these meetings, Medina EC is seeking members interested in a challenging position on the cooperative’s board of directors. Members wishing to run should plan to attend the District Nominating Meeting for their voting district. Even if you don't want to run, plan to attend your district meeting to have a voice in the next director candidate for your area. By attending the District Nominating Meeting and participating in selecting the board nominees, you are becoming part of the cooperative’s democratic process.

Since Medina EC is a cooperative, we are owned by our members. The cooperative is governed by a board of directors, who are elected by the members to represent their interests. The board is responsible for setting policies under which the cooperative operates and making decisions regarding the financial health and well-being of the organization. Each director is elected for a three-year term and may be re-elected for two more consecutive three-year terms. If you are unable to attend your District Nominating Meeting and want to run, you must be nominated by another member or use the petition process. Take a look at the requirements and learn how to make a nomination here.

Unsure what voting district you are in? View the map or call us at 1-866-MEC-ELEC (632-3532).