We Need Your Photographs for the 2015 Calendar

We are getting to work on the cooperative's 2015 calendar and we want to include your photos. The theme for this year's contest is SHARING. If your picture is featured in the calendar, you will get a $25 Medina EC energy credit. Click here for the guidelines and an entry form.

Latest Scam: Medina EC Return Address

Medina EC has received notification from several individuals that our business address is being used as part of a scam. In this particular scam, Medina EC's address is listed as the return address on envelopes being mailed out to random people. Inside the envelope is a check with another address on it. The mail delivery is generally followed by an email encouraging the person to cash the check, keep some of it for themselves and then wire the remainder of the money to another individual, who they do not know. Medina EC has notified the local post office of the issue. Please be careful. If you receive an unexpected check from someone you do not know, assume that it is likely a scam and notify local authorities before following any other directions.   

Changes to Retail Tariff and Rates

At the October and November board meetings, the board of directors approved changes to Medina EC's retail tariff and rates. We encourage you to read a summary of those changes here. Members will see notice of this change in the February Texas Co-op Power. These changes go into effect on March 1, 2014.

At the January board meeting, the board of directors approved changes to Section 5 - Customer Relations Line Extension and Construction Charges in the tariff. These changes go into effect April 1, 2014. These changes establish procedures for potential partial reimbursement of contribution in aid of construction for certain qualifying facilities. 

If you have additional questions on any of these changes or how they will affect you, please visit one of our offices or call us at 1-866-MEC-ELEC (632-3532). You can always view Medina EC's current tariff here and see current electric rates here.

Scholarship Winners Announced

Medina EC awarded 30 $1,000 scholarships this year. See the list of winners here.

Board Votes to Retire $1 Million in Capital Credits

At their December meeting, the board of directors voted to retire $1 million to members. If you are a member of Medina EC, you saw this credit on the bill you got in January. Individuals who are no longer members will receive a check in the mail. You can read an explanation of capital credits here.

Where Does Your Power Come From?

Medina Electric Cooperative, Inc., utilizes a variety of energy sources in order to provide a steady and reliable supply of electricity at the lowest cost possible to our members. Take a look at the fuels and resources that power Medina EC’s 12,000 square-mile region in a typical month. 

Next Board Meeting

The Medina EC Board Meeting will be on May 27, 2014.