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Keep Fireworks Away From Power Lines

Can’t wait for the professional fireworks display—the one the local firefighters supervise so nobody gets hurt? You’re taking a huge risk. Even legal fireworks can be dangerous, the U...

Message from CEO Mark Rollans: Your Share of Cooperative Margins

Cooperatives are different from other businesses in many ways. We participate in the communities. We work for our members—not for investors. When we make money, we return it to members as

If You're Reading This, Thank a Teacher

There is more to teachers than apples and rulers. It takes a special person to dedicate his or her life to educating our youth.

Ssssssnake Safety!

It’s spring! A time we move most of our activities outside. That also means a time we start to see that slithering, scaly and scary reptile! (Feel the shivers up your spine?) No, not your mother-...

Message from CEO Mark Rollans: The Power Puzzle

All and never: two words my mom advised against using. In retrospect, just like with most things your parents tell you when you’re growing up, she was right. When you are talking in absol...


Sunny days, rainy days, holidays, birthdays―Everyday our linemen are committed to our co-op and our members. We are so lucky to have a wonderful group ...

When the Clock Strikes Two

Some things really are like “clock-work.” Like daylight-savings time. Whether you’re a proponent of it or opposed to the idea, it’s going to happen. At the strike of 2:00 ...

Message from CEO Mark Rollans: Always Report Outages

Technology is amazing. Because of technology in our industry and at Medina EC, we have more data available to us than we have ever had before. However, access to data does not automatically...

Message from CEO Mark Rollans: It Pays to be a Member of Medina EC

It pays to be a member of Medina Electric Cooperative—and I don’t mean that figuratively. 


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