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Board of Director Election

2018 Director Election

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Voting will close on October 3rd at 10 a.m.

Election results will be announced at the 80th Annual Membership Meeting in Laredo on October 6 and posted at


The candidates running in each of Medina EC’s three voting districts are listed below with a brief biography of their credentials. The content is written in the candidates’ words and has not been edited by Medina EC.

Board nominees are accepted at nominating meetings, held in February, or by petition. This year, no nominations were received at the nominating meetings or by petition. All three incumbent directors indicated an interest in running again.  To see the policies and procedures all of the candidates must be aware of click here.

Medina EC is a democratic organization controlled by its members. Members elect representatives, called directors, who actively participate in setting policy and making decisions. These directors are accountable to the membership through the election process.


Wayne W. Scholtz
Voting District 1 Candidate

Campaign Policy Acknowledgement Form
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Medina EC Member: (# of Years): 23
Occupation: (Former if retired): Medina County Extension Agent-Retired
Describe Work Experience:
Worked for 25 years with agricultural producers and the public in providing research based information from Texas A&M University. Also helped administer the 4H program in Medina County. Retired in 2004.
I Would be a Good Director Because:
As a County Extension Agent I gained valuable experience in working with people through different boards, committees, and community organizations. This work has  definitely helped me as a Medina EC director. Having completed two terms on the Medina EC Board, I have gained knowledge about the co-op system of providing energy to its members. As required by Medina EC, I completed my Certified Credential Director training the first few months of my first term. I continue to attend Director conferences and training and in doing so have also received my Board Leadership Certification. These trainings will equip me to continue to serve you to the best of my ability.
Please Contact Me At:            Phone: 830-426-1328             Email:


Kenneth G. White
Voting District 2 Candidate

Campaign Policy Acknowledgement Form
Disclosure Report (please note, this link is active if a report(s) is submitted by the candidate)


Medina EC Member: (# of Years): 15
Occupation: (Former if retired): County Extension Agent - Agriculture
Describe Work Experience:
As an employee of the Texas A&M University System, I had the opportunity to serve as County Extension Agent - Agriculture in Liberty, Goliad, Collin and Uvalde Counties. In 2007, after 33 years of service I retired. During my service, I had the opportunity to work with and serve on many boards and committees in both rural and urban areas in addressing issues affecting residents.
I Would be a Good Director Because:
As a director, my goal has been to do what is best for the membership by providing safe, reliable electricity at the lowest possible price. With my career in education, I feel it is important to be as informed as possible on the issues in order to make the best decisions for Medina Electric Cooperative and it’s members. After being elected in 2009, I participated in educational seminars and obtained a certification as a Credentialed Cooperative Director. I have continued that training and received Board Leadership Certification as well as Director Gold Certification. I have served as Vice President of the Board the past six years and Medina Electric’s Director on the San Miguel Electric Cooperative Board the past six years. There are a number of issues such as government regulations, environmental concerns, power costs and growth that will be impacting Medina Electric Cooperative in the coming years. In an effort to make sure our elected officials are aware of the impact these issues will have on the membership, I have represented our Cooperative in Austin and Washington, D.C. The electric industry is constantly changing and we must continue to explore and gain as much information as possible about all sources of electricity in order to meet the needs of Medina’s membership while keeping it as affordable, reliable and safe as possible. I have enjoyed serving and representing you the past nine years on the Medina Board and would appreciate your continued support and vote. I pledge to represent you to the best of my ability and strive to do what is best for YOU the OWNER of Medina Electric Cooperative.
Please Contact Me At:            Phone: 830-232-6541            Email:



Joe L. Gonzalez
Voting District 3 Candidate

Campaign Policy Acknowledgement Form
Disclosure Report (please note, this link is active if a report(s) is submitted by the candidate)


Medina EC Member: (# of Years): 16
Occupation: (Former if retired): CHIEF CBP Officer
Describe Work Experience:
I have been in leadership capacities with the United States government; working at local level, in Washington D. C., and in various foreign countries.
I Would be a Good Director Because:
My family roots with MEC go back approximately 70 years! My family and I are appreciative of MEC keeping the “light on”; doing it so professionally and with great consistency. Without much forethought, I knew that I had to serve MEC; and importantly the members who own the coop. Members have such a pivotal role in not only maintaining service structure; but also providing a reliable energy source to our homes, farms/ranches and businesses. All this is accomplished all while remaining fiscally conservative, prudent and ethically responsible. I have successfully completed all my Director coursework; Credential Cooperative Director, Board Leadership Certification and the coveted Director GOLD status. I thank every member for allowing me to serve in this capacity.
Please Contact Me At:            Phone: 956-286-1863            Email:

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