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Energy Conservation: Do Your Part

Do Your Part

If you want to help reduce the overall demand on the electric grid, conservation is key.  You can sign up to receive text alerts on days when electric use is considered high for the Texas electric grid during the months of June through September. The best time to conserve electricity is the hottest part of the day between 3 and 7 p.m.

By opting-in to "Do Your Part" you are helping reduce the strain in the grid.

Sign up to receive alerts by texting ENERGY to 830.423.5032.



The Electric Reliability Council of Texas says they, "expect to have sufficient generation to meet customer demand this summer,” but projections for hotter summer weather and increased demand could test that. Because three coal-fired plants that supplied Texas have shut down, the "reserve margin" - or extra energy capacity - is smaller than normal. When demand increases and supply doesn't, costs go up. As a result, utilities can see wholesale electric prices go up. Another concern for this summer is if power demand is higher than the available supply, rotating outages will be implemented.

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