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It's Time to Unplug

We often suggest families practice “unplugging” – unplug your coffee pots, your computers, your phone chargers…the list goes on - for energy savings. These little appliances do drive up energy use and electric bills when they stay plugged in around-the-clock.  

But you should also practice unplugging for another reason – to unplug from technology. Too many times we rely on constant access to our cell phones, the internet, social media, TV, video games and our computers. It’s become a part of our daily routine. Wake up, check emails, Facebook and Instagram, give the kids the iPad to contain them in the morning while you get ready for work and repeat when you get home for the evening. Can I get a hand-raise from those of you that give your kid a phone or some other device when you’re out to dinner?

It's nothing to be ashamed of – we're all in the same boat here. Just struggling to stay afloat, one tweet at a time.

Now that we’ve all admitted our addiction to our devices (admitting is the first step), what do we do? National Day of Unplugging is recognized March 3 – 4 and focuses on disconnecting from technology and connecting with those around you.  

Here are some tips to take a break from technology:

  • Turn your phone off or leave it at home when you go out. If you have kids, let them hide your phone for the day.
  • Make a home-cooked meal or dessert. Eat at the table without the distraction of your phone or TV.
  • Take your pets to a dog park or on a hike.
  • Read a book as a family.
  • Spend time playing a game with your kids - outisde with a soccer ball or inside with a board game, just pick one not on a phone!
  • Hand-write notes and send them to friends or family. Bonus: suggest that they unplug for a day!
  • Go on an energy savings scavenger hunt! Find ways to save money and conserve energy. Here are some tips for winter weather and some for warm seasons (which could happen in the same day in Texas).


How do you unplug from technology?
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