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Put the 'Able' in Renewable

Are you interested in a renewable energy source? Follow these tips:

  1. Become familiar with the process. Before you can hook a distributed generation (DG) system to the electric grid, you must contact the cooperative. Paperwork and approval must be complete before connecting to our system.
  2. Research your options. There are tons of DG vendors hoping you will use them for your solar panels or wind turbines. Be sure to look at your options and get reviews from past customers. Medina EC can provide names of vendors who have done work in our service area.
  3. Know your costs. The cost of a system varies with size and the type of generation. An average 1,000-1,500 kWh solar panel system will take 12-plus years to pay off. In addition, there is an application fee, depending on the size of the DG facility being installed.
  4. Size matters. If a system produces more energy than what you consume, the co-op can purchase excess energy at an avoided cost. The avoided cost is what we would have payed to purchase the energy from a wholesale power supplier. Excess power is not stored by Medina EC and cannot be saved for future use by the member.


In an effort to help you make a decision about whether renewable energy is right for you, Medina EC has installed several renewable DG systems. Our engineering building features a 30-kilowatt roof-mounted solar panel system.  Our Dilley office features a 45-foot, 2.4 kW wind turbine and a 1.14 kW ground-mounted solar panel system. These renewables produce a small amount of power that goes back into the buildings. Monthly production statistics for all systems can be seen at


If you have questions about investing in renewable energy, contact us at 1-866-MEC-ELEC. We’d be happy to discuss your options and help you make the best decisions for your family. You can also visit our website at for more information.




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