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Small Town People

A recount of the storms that impacted our service area the early morning of Friday, October 30, 2015

We knew it was coming. The storm that is. We saw it on the radar and got the alerts on our phone. The rains impacted most of our service territory – especially the small town of D’Hanis.

In the early morning darkness, the wind whistled like a train. Moms spent the waking hours holding their babies close, comforting them as debris flew against the window. Dads called the dogs inside away from the same debris. Folks fled to more secure shelter while calling their friends and family for reassurance of safety.

Thoughts of a happy Friday celebrating the rain quickly turned into a morning of devastation as our crews reported to scope out the damage in D’Hanis. Emergency crew lights flashed in the dark as they rushed into town. After assessing the situation, Medina EC crews began to safely restore power.

As daylight breaks we see the destruction left behind. Half of town taken out by the strong winds. The new fire department destroyed. The bank in shambles. Historic buildings ruined, left only to piles of brick.

But we also saw a community so strong that even a tornado couldn’t break cowboy pride. Local businesses brought water, sandwiches and BBQ pits to start cooking for volunteers who were there, looking for assignments on cleanup. Look past the rubble and you will see a community stronger than ever, a family banded together.

It will take time for clean-up and downtown may never look the same. Buildings come and go, but the history, the story, the pride – that will never change.

And we’re proud to share this pride with you.

As your electric co-op, we’re small town people too. D’Hanis, just like each small town we serve, is as much our home as it is yours. We’re local people serving our family and friends. We’re here to provide safe, reliable electricity to you, our members.

The storms will come again. It’s not a matter of if, but when and where. (And according to the weather people, that could be as soon as tonight or tomorrow.)

But, take comfort in knowing that your electric co-op, Medina EC, is on call and ready for the storm.





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