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Small Commercial Rate

Availability: Available to members for commercial, industrial, and commercial farm service for all uses requiring 50 kVA or less including lighting, heating, and power, within the cooperative's service area, in accordance with the cooperative's rules and regulations.

Type of Service: Single or three phase, 60 cycles, at the cooperative's standard secondary voltages.

    Customer Service Charge $ 25 per meter per month
    Capacity Charge $ 1.50 per kVA of required kVA
    Energy Charge $ 0.095881 per kWh for all kWh


Power Cost Adjustment: The foregoing energy charges will be increased or decreased according to the terms of the Power Cost Adjustment tariff.

Temporary Service: Temporary service such as to construction locations, shall be supplied in accordance with the foregoing rate except that the customer shall pay in addition to the foregoing charges, the total cost of connecting and disconnecting service less the value of materials returned to stock. A deposit, in advance, may be required of the full amount of the estimated bill for service including the cost of connection and disconnection.

Minimum Monthly Charge: The minimum monthly charge shall be the highest one of the following charges as determined for the customer:

  • Customer Service Charge plus Capacity Charge
  • The minimum monthly charge specified in the Electric Service Agreement;

Minimum Annual Charge for Seasonal Service: Customers requiring service only during certain seasons, not exceeding nine months per year, the cooperative requires a guaranteed minimum annual charge, in which case there shall be no minimum monthly charge. The minimum annual charge shall be sufficient to assure adequate compensation for the facilities installed to serve the customer, and in no event shall it be less than 12 times the minimum monthly charge determined in accordance with the foregoing paragraph.

Terms of Payment: In the event the current monthly bill is not paid within 16 days from date of bill, said bill will become delinquent and a fee will be applied.

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