Load Management for Irrigators

Load Forecast

Note: This load forecast is based on information available at the time of the last update. Decisions to implement load management will be based on real-time market conditions. 

Day Possibility of Load Control Event
Monday 6/10 Remote
Tuesday 6/11 Remote
Wednesday 6/12 Remote
Thursday 6/13 Remote
Friday 6/14 Probable
Saturday 6/15 Remote
Sunday 6/16 Remote




Scale: Remote >> Unlikely >> Probable >> Highly Likely

Last Updated: June 10, 2024 | Next Update - June 17, 2024

2024 Peaks

June 2024 Current Peak: ~76.5 GW on 6/7/24

2023 Peaks
June 2023 Peak: ~81.0 GW on 6/27/23 
July 2023 Peak: ~83.0 GW on 7/18/23 
August 2023 Peak: ~85.5 GW on 8/10/2023
September 2023 Peak: ~84.1 GW on 9/8/23


To sign up for a text message each Monday with a link to this forecast: Text FORECAST to 1-855-429-1119. The table above will be updated each Monday* by 2 p.m.; it will be updated at other times if a substantial change occurs. Text messages will be sent as soon as the table is updated.
*Holidays may impact forecast delivery.

Medina Electric Cooperative’s load management program offers irrigation accounts the opportunity to operate with lower power costs when enrolled.

By participating in this program, irrigators allow Medina EC to shut off power to irrigation equipment, generally from June through September. The wholesale power cost Medina EC pays for electricity is based on our system demand at the time of the state’s peak demand during these months. The irrigatiors' participation in the load management program can help reduce the cooperative’s overall demand, thereby lowering our future power costs. In exchange for their participation, irrigators receive a reduced rate on demand and energy charges. About 75 percent of irrigation accounts are enrolled in this program.



Members with irrigation rates interested in participating in the program must enroll by April 20 for each summer's program. You can enroll your account(s) by completing this form for each account. You can also download a PDF version of the agreement here.


Load management members receive notification via text or phone call, based on their preference.

You can sign up for text notifications about irrigation related load control events by texting LM to 1-855-429-1119. To be put on the notification list for weekly load control forecasts during the load management season, text FORECAST to 1-855-429-1119.

If you have previously opted out of text messages from this number and want to re-enroll, you must text START to 1-855-429-1119. Medina EC cannot re-enroll you after you've stopped messages from this number.

You can sign up for one or both lists. You can also sign up by filling out the form below:

Load Management Notifications
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