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Life-Support Registry

If someone in your home depends on an electrically operated health aid, take these steps to prepare for possible power outages:

  • Plug electronic devices into surge protectors and consider using uninterruptible power supplies on important devices.
  • Consider investing in a portable generator to power vital equipment in the event of an extended blackout. Consult with a qualified electrician before installing the device or look into leasing a GenerLink device for your generator.
  • Keep an adequate supply of prescription drugs and medical equipment on hand in case a storm prevents you from getting refills.
  • Keep a corded land line operating in your home, as cordless phones need power and will not work without it.
  • Let Medina EC know that someone in your home relies on electrically powered medical equipment. Simply fill out the life-support registry form on this page and mail it to the address indicated.
  • Report all outages quickly by calling 1-866-MEC-ELEC (632-3532).


If you or a family member are currently listed in the Medina EC Life-Support Registry and your address, phone number or life-support equipment has changed, please submit a new form with updated information.


Life-Support Registry Form

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