Save with Co-op Connections!

Saving is easy when you use your Co-op Connections Card.

The Co-op Connections Card may be little, but it boasts big benefits for co-op members who use it.

With this FREE card, you gain access to discounts at participating local businesses and with retailers across the nation.
It helps Medina EC members save money and promotes local businesses—cooperation at its finest! To keep up with all the discounts offered even when you’re on the go, download the mobile app, available for Android and Apple devices. Make sure to tell the business you plan to use your card before they ring up your transaction.


Download the app for your Andriod or Apple device today!

Healthy Savings—Take care of your health!

Use your card to save on health services such as pharmacy discounts, dental and vision benefits, diabetic supplies, hearing aids, chiropractics, lab testing, and MRI and CT scans.