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Volunteer fire departments (VFDs) play a critical role in our communities. We know it's important to support them and are proud to be able to give back by offering retired cooperative vehicles.

When cooperative vehicles are retired, they are typically sent to auction. But the board of directors saw an opportunity to give retired vehicles to VFDs. For seven years, Medina EC has offered this opportunity to VFDs in our service area.

2024 Update: Medina EC will be giving a donating a retired service truck. Apply by Monday, July 1.

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Medina EC occasionally has an opportunity to donate retired company vehicles to Volunteer Fire Departments (VFDs) that operate within the 17 counties served by the cooperative. This program is limited to Medina EC vehicles, as they become available and are deemed appropriate for this program. This does not include monetary donations of any kind. 

The number and/or type of vehicles available will vary from year to year.

VFDs must serve in at least one or more of the counties Medina EC provides power:

Jim Hogg
La Salle


VFDs must meet all of the following requirements in order to be considered for selection:

  • Complete the Volunteer Fire Department Vehicle Donation Request form in its entirety
  • The requested donation must fulfill a need that helps further the goals and mission of the VFD
  • VFDs with an ESD would be eligible for consideration if:
    • Receive less than $150,000 in tax dollars (listed as a specific line item on the application budget worksheet); or
    • Serve a population of 10,000 or more
  • VFD must submit their budget for the current fiscal year and a list of all vehicles, including make, model and approximate value
  • VFD must submit any completed or pending plans for fundraising for the current fiscal year, including the amounts raised and what the monies were or will be used for
  • The donation cannot be for the purpose of fundraising or raffling by the VFD
  • Requesting VFD must assume all liability for the fitness for duty and usefulness of the donated vehicle to the operation of such entity
  • Requesting VFD accepts vehicle in “as-is” condition, with no warranty
  • Requesting VFD assumes responsibility for all tax, title and license impact of donated vehicle
  • Requesting VFD must give consent to media presentation of donation, including but not limited to a photo and video of the donation
  • If awarded a truck, a required five-year waiting period is required before the VFD can re-apply for a truck

Apply by Monday, July 1, 2024.

Apply Here!

If you prefer, you can print and complete the paper application. Paper applications can be mailed or emailed.

Postmarked and mailed to:

Medina Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Attn: CEP Coordinator
2308 18th Street/ PO Box 370
Hondo, TX  78861


Email: – please note, the size limit is 8 MB

Previous Recipients

2022 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015


San Diego Devine Sabinal Big Foot Atascosa-Bexar County Line Regan Wells
        Charlotte Christine Nueces Canyon
          El Cenizo  


Vehicle Makeover

In 2018, the Sabinal VFD was awarded a retired MEC truck to add to their fleet. We're happy to help them extend their services to the protect and serve the Sabinal community. They took the truck and refurbished it to work for their needs, making modifications as necessary.