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Operation Round Up (ORU) is a program that gives back to members and organizations in need through the support of Medina EC members, employees and donors. Since inception in 2006, ORU has awarded more than $185,000.


Apply for ORU Funds

Individuals and families can apply to receive ORU funds by submitting a complete application.

Applicants must live in one of the 17 counties served by Medina EC to be eligible. Operation Round Up funds cannot be used to pay for electric bills, solar panels, or anything related to electricity provided by Medina Electric Cooperative.

2024 Application Deadlines: February 2, May 3, August 2, November 1

Applications can be submitted at any time and emergency requests can be reviewed prior to application deadlines.

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PDF Applications:

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Organization Application:

Organizations are required to provide a 501(c)(3) letter (if tax exempt), the previous year's financial statement, and a cover letter explaining how the monies will be used in as much detail as possible.

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Helping Rebuild After Fire

The Machen family never thought they'd be returning to find their home engulfed in flames and seeing the past 20 years of living left in a pile of ashes in the aftermath. Their home tragically caught fire at the end of January 2018. Thankfully no one was home, but they lost everything inside, including two pets.

The Machens worked tirelessly to rebuild their home. Although there is no price on replacing memorabilia and heirlooms, the ORU committee felt the need to help this family rebuild the walls that once sheltered memories and echoed laughter. In March 2018, the Machens received a $1,000 donation from the ORU program

Thankful for ORU

"I would like to thank Medina Electric Co-op from the bottom of my heart for the generosity that has been given to my son Bailey. I especially would like to thank everyone who donates their extra cents every month to make this happen. With this donation from Operation Round Up, Bailey has been able to continue what he loves the most. Every week he goes to Dream Walkers Equine Therapy Center in Uvalde, where through horse riding, he has learned and continues to learn how to regain his strength and other abilities he had lost several years ago. So again...Thank You!!!" - Jo Francis Massey, mother of ORU recipient Bailey Massey

Bailey received a donation in 2017 to pay for a year of therapy at Dream Walkers. In 2015 Bailey had brain surgery that left him paralyzed on the left side.

Donate to ORU


Rounding Up

The most popular way to give to ORU is by opting to have your monthly electric bill rounded up to the next whole dollar. For example, if your bill is $101.43 your bill is rounded up to $102. The spare 57 cents is donated to ORU.

One Time Donation

You can also make a one-time donation to ORU. Make a check payable to Operation Round Up and mail it to Medina Electric Cooperative, ATTN: ORU Fund, PO Box 370, Hondo, TX 78861.