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Billing Breakdown

Each number explains the billing feature indicated on the sample bill statement.

  1. Important news, notices and updates from Medina EC.
  2. Member information includes your member and account number, phone and email.
  3. Due Date and Total Due are the full amount due and time it is due to avoid any late fees.
  4. After Due Date amount includes late fees if your payment is received late.
  5. Billing Overview shows a breakdown of the account balance for the billing period.
  6. Amount Enclosed is where you need to enter the amount of payment enclosed with your payment stub.
  7. Payment Stub needs to be returned with your payment in the envelope provided, if paying by mail.
  8. Service Description shows the description of the location where service is provided. If there is nothing there, or if the service address you see is not correct, please contact us or write the correct service address on your payment stub so that we can update our records.
  9. Account Number can be used when making payments through Medina EC's automated phone system or when calling with questions on your account.
  10. Meter Number is the identifying number of the meter at your service location. You can use this when reporting an outage.
  11. Readings for the meter and the Service Dates that the billing period is based on.
  12. KWH Use for the billing period. This is how much electricity you used during the billing period and is what you're being billed for.
  13. Demand Reading is the reading for kilowatts used in the billing period and only applies to certain rate classes.
  14. Account Comparison Summary shows use for the current month, last month and the same month for last year. It can be helpful in determining if your bill is higher than last year and helping you to understand if weather or behavior
    has caused that change. 

  15. Detail of current account charges shows a breakdown of the various charges on your bill. Generally, these two charges appear on bills for most rate classes:
    • Customer Charge: Designed to recover fixed costs that are incurred regardless of the amount of energy consumed by the member. It is billed by the meter so that all members share equally in those fixed costs. 
    • Energy Charge: This part of the rate is applied based on how much electricity you used (shown in 12 above). It is used to recover the wholesale cost of electricity, or the price that the power provider charges the cooperative for the power it sends to your home.
  16. PCRF (Power Cost Recovery Factor) is the difference between Medina EC's set rate on the energy charge, predicted in advance, and the actual rate paid for wholesale electricity. The price for wholesale electricity fluctuates monthly depending on a number of factors. If your statement shows a positive PCRF, the cost of power was higher than Medina EC's energy charge. If you see a negative PCRF, the price of power was lower than the rate set through the energy charge, and you are being credited for that difference. 
  17. Corrections can be made to your mailing address, phone number or email if they have changed.



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