Beware of Scammers


Protect yourself against scammers and know the signs of fraudulent callers. Scammers will often "spoof" Medina EC's number and have our name appear on callerID. Please keep these tips in mind:


Medina EC will never call and demand payment from a member. You will receive courtesy letters, emails and possibly phone calls to let you know if/when you account is past due; but we will not demand payment over the phone.


We will also not threaten you with same-day disconnection. Disconnection happens after you've been notified of a late-payment and given a pre-determined disconnect date listed on your notice.

Payment Options

Medina EC employees will not and cannot take credit card information over the phone. If you wish to pay by credit card, you will need to use the automated phone system. Remember, payment is always initiated by you.

We do not require a certain payment method, like gift cards. We offer a variety of ways to pay your bill, including cash, check and credit card.

In the Field

Medina EC does not collect payments in the field. If someone visits your home and demands payment, it is not us and you should not give them money or allow them in your home. If there is someone on your property that you are unsure of, please report them. If you think they are representing Medina EC, call us to verify. Our contractors carry credentials stating they are working for us. Medina EC employees wear a uniform.

Ahead of most work, we attempt to notify members when crews and contractors are in their area. You can also find work locations posted in the Latest News section of our website. Notifications are not always possible, as work can take place at the last minute.


Easily manage and pay your bill through SmartHub, the free app for managing your Medina EC account.